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> > I was playing with Gentoo the other day and discovered that it has a pretend
> > option that prints out all the files needed and their urls (several for each
> > file). What a time saver!
> > 
> > I tried portupgrade with the -n pretend option to see how it worked.
> > However, it does not give url's and it seems to lists the version of the
> > port it is upgrading from rather than the version it is upgrading to.
> # cd /usr/ports/.....
> # make fetch-recursive-list
> This will print the list of urls, each URL is separated by a ||
> (logical or) so if one fails it will try the next. Each file fetched
> will be on a separate line.

More precisely, it will print a shell script to download the files,
where the commands are separated by ||.

Also, note that it's needed to figure out where the ports collection
wants these files to reside in. Most frequently it's
/usr/ports/distfiles, but some ports put distfiles in a subdirectory
under that. Each line of the script will by default contain an entry
mentioning ftp.FreeBSD.org; the correct subdirectory is there. For


means that this (pretty old) file should be put into


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