> greetings! just wanted to ask the meaning of BSD,is it an example of 
> operating system?what are the features of operating system?

Your best bet is to go to the FreeBSD web site and start following
some of the links and reading.   There is a lot of historical and
technical information that can be located that way.

A short answer is that BSD stands for Berkeley Software Distribution
and refers to the group at UC Berkeley that developed and put out the 
first generally complete distribution of UNIX - in the previous century.

Nowdays, BSD generally means the operating system that is somewhat
a descendant of that early UNIX, although all of the guts of it have
been rewritten completely over the years to improve it and to steer
away from legal hassles.   

Currently there are three freely available BSD OSen.   The one used
in highest volume is FreeBSD.  It is the one trying to be the most
general.   There are also OpenBSD and NetBSD, each working on a
different niche area of need and expertise.  There are innumerable
articles written on them if you start following links and do a 
little searching in the maillist archives,  Google, OnLamp and other 
such places.

The BSD Unixes have become the premier and most stable and reliable OSen
for network servers today.


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