Hi, thanks for the info.

> Greetings!
>  From what I gather, the 5.2-RELEASE was rather buggy and unstable (for
> a RELEASE anyway), and was quickly replaced by 5.2.1-RELEASE which was a
> considerable improvement.

I've been using it as my main machine for some time and it works well. But 
I'll definitely upgrade at some point. Right now I am testing on my 
workstation as I my test machine is doing something else right now.

> You're sparked my curiosity; what kind of embedded system are you
> working on, pray tell?

It's a theatrical lighting board. So far FreeBSD has satisfied all my 
requirements, so I've been really happy. I come from the NetBSD side of 
things. My distro is 18 megs plus my code and some other stuff. Ideally it 
will all fit in under 100 megs and boot off a flash memory disk. It's fun 
stuff, and should be done soon......

If you want to see what we're up to, here's a bit of a plug:



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