For anyone who thinks this email too far OT, my apologies 
        up front.  But in case mail, collectively or to-me-personally
        bounces in the next few days, my domain may disappear
        for days/weeks/centuries.

        My HW buddy whom I've known since the late 70's has just driven
        his teenager to the airport for her flight home; we (or *I*--
        since I think that DNS is more of a software issue than hardware
        --we are about to get serious about swapping an antique cheeeep
        DNS server for a high-end (yes, of course *used*) server.  
        Without the HW assist I'd be up various creeks without paddles.
        This is the time to make hey.///hay(sp?). --If there are any
        stsyem admin wizards in the 98100 ZIP code who want to stop by
        and point out what idiot things I've been mis-configuring, 
        any/all help would be appreciated.

        thanks people,

        PS: ( Vacation time arrows by faster than the speed of light... but
              at least my backside has time to mend from horseback riding 
              for a couple years.  [Even further OT: do any of you kknow
              where th e attraction between girls <-> horses comes
              from??  --gotta be one of these 'mysteries'....])

   Gary Kline     [EMAIL PROTECTED]     Public service Unix

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