I have a FreeBSD based router running on an Intel PIII board (D815EFV) that 
uses a serial console. I redirect to com1/cuaa0 at 115 kbps. I also 
configured FreeBSD to use a serial console as the primary console, and I 
haven't had any problems with the router failing to boot, either with or 
without a terminal attached. Finally, I set up a getty session, so I can 
login via cuaa0. The only messages I miss are the fdisk/startup messages.

Sorry I can't help, but I would suspect a configuration issue.

-Seth Henry

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> Subject: BIOS console redirection *and* serial console with FreeBSD
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> I have access to several boxes that support "BIOS console redirection", in
> which access to the BIOS and BIOS-based console I/O is redirected to a
> serial port.  This is pretty neat functionality, as it allows me to
> reconfigure RAID arrays, change a variety of system settings, boot
> preferences, etc, via the serial console.
> However, I run into a problem when I attempt to use BIOS redirection with
> FreeBSD's native serial console support.  If I just configure a login
> session on ttyd0, it pops up once the boot completes and appears perfectly
> workable.  However, if I turn on 'console="comconsole"' in loader.conf,
> the system will appear to hang or otherwise wedge rather than boot.
> Currently, the boxes where I've experienced this are all remote, so I
> can't report on what actually appears on the console -- however, the
> systems appear to never boot.
> My ideal world order would have a natural transition from BIOS console
> redirection to FreeBSD's serial console, letting me configure BIOS/RAID
> settings, configure loader pieces (swap kernels, set tunables, etc), then
> onto the kernel serial console pieces, and finally launching a login
> session on ttyd0.
> Does anyone have experience with making this actually happen, or similar
> experience with it not working?  I'm seeing it right now on a recent Xeon
> Intel-based motherboard ("Westville"), but also on an older Intel
> ServerWorkers PIII motherboard.  Is the FreeBSD loader serial code doing
> something un-kosher that the BIOS redirection implementation doesn't like?
> Can we make it behave better?  Or is the BIOS redirection implementation
> just broken when it comes to dealing with use of the serial port by the
> OS?
> Thanks,
> Robert N M Watson             FreeBSD Core Team, TrustedBSD Projects
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]      Principal Research Scientist, McAfee Research
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