> From: Matthew Seaman [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
> On Tue, Jul 13, 2004 at 12:57:21AM -0700, Darren Pilgrim wrote:
> > /usr/bin/mail tries to run /usr/sbin/sendmail directly.  
> This probably isn't
> > a good idea, since IIRC sendmail can now be package-ized 
> and removed from
> > the base system as well as excluded from buildworld.  This 
> is what seems to
> > be breaking the periodic script, since I get this error when running
> > periodic:
> Piping a message into /usr/sbin/sendmail is the standard Unix API for
> sending e-mail.  You shouldn't remove it just because of the name
> 'sendmail'.
> Despite the name, that is not the sendmail(8) binary on FreeBSD.  It's
> a link to a wrapper program that substitutes which ever MTA (postfix,
> exim, qmail, sendmail, etc.) you wish to use.
> It's all explained in the mailwrapper(8) man page.

I've read the man page and says sendmail, purgestat, etc. are supposed to be
symlinks to mailwrapper.  In this case, they were discrete files differing
in size and content from mailwrapper and those installed by postfix.

I reinstalled usr.bin and usr.sbin from a built world and everything works
ok now.  Could this have been the work of some trojan?

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