I am running our school's network (a computer room and some workstations in different places - all Win2k, a Samba PDC and a proxy - both FreeBSD, 900 users - students, teachers, wheel (admins)). About the beginning of 2005 we will get a second computer room in a distant part of the building.
So I guess it would be a good idea to start thinking about setting up two Backup Domain Controllers (BDC's) in the computer rooms (is it???).
From the documentations I have been reading so far, I also guess
it would be a good idea to set up a common user administration via ldap (is it???) - now I just keep synchronized UNIX and Samba accounts on the PDC.

Of course ldap is the point where the trouble starts:
  - Could anybody give me some hints how to get started with user
    migration on a FreeBSD/samba system, so I can test this on my
    private network?
  - In the web there are some hints about setting up the BDC as
    NIS/NFS slave server. If I use ldap I don't need NIS anymore
    (right??), what about NFS then?

Thanks for all advices and sorry for the many questions in one mail, but I have to get my ideas straight, before I start messing around with a running network :-)


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