Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2004 22:33:51 -0500
    From: Eric Crist <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
    Subject: Re: closer, no cigar.

    On Tuesday 13 July 2004 22:19, Giorgos Keramidas wrote:

    > The first of these processes is sendmail started in submit mode by
    > the `rc.sendmail' startup script.  The relevant rc.conf options are:
    > : sendmail_enable="NO"
    > : sendmail_submit_enable="YES"
    > : sendmail_submit_flags="-L smtpd -bd -q30m
    > : -ODaemonPortOptions=Addr=localhost"
    > - Giorgos

    Can you exlpain exactly what submit mode is for?  Is it something
    you want running on a production mail server?


Sendmail's submit mode is described in detail in the ``Sendmail
Installation and Operation Guide''.  It would be vain and probably
worthless to try to duplicate all the information present in there in a
mail message.  For details of the what, how, why, when and anything else
related to the submit mode you should refer to this guide[1], the
FreeBSD Handbook, and Sendmail's own web site[2].

Perhaps a small description of submit mode would be enough to help you
understand what it is.  Quoting section 1.3.3 of the guide referenced above:

    1.3.3.  /etc/mail/

    This is  the configuration file for sendmail  when it is
    used for  initial mail submission,  in which case  it is
    also  called   ``Mail  Submission  Program''   (MSP)  in
    contrast  to ``Mail  Transfer  Agent'' (MTA).   Starting
    with version  8.12, sendmail  uses one of  two different
    configuration files based on  its operation mode (or the
    new -A  option).  For initial mail  submission, i.e., if
    one  of  the  options  -bm  (default),  -bs,  or  -t  is
    specified,  is used (if  available), for other
    operations is used.  Details can be found in
    sendmail/SECURITY. is shipped  with sendmail
    (in cf/cf/) and is  installed by default.  If changes to
    the   configuration  need   to  be   made,   start  with
    cf/cf/ and follow the instruction in cf/README.


[1] ``Sendmail(TM) Installation and Operation Guide''.

[2] Sendmail's homepage

[3] Sendmail's Message Submission Program (MSP)

[4] Description of FEATURE(`msp')

[5] FreeBSD Handbook Chapter on Electronic Mail
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