Hello all,

I'm trying to figure out why my FreeBSD 4.10 system
reboots whenever I reinsert a pccard.  The pccard is
actually a 32Mb SanDisk CF card, in a CF card caddie,
plugged into a PCMCIA caddie, attached to the ATA bus.

If I boot with the card in, I get 
ad3: 30MB <SanDisk SDCFB-32> [490/4/32] at ata1-slave PIO1
(or it did once I pccard_enable="YES"'d in rc.conf)

I can mount/manipulate/umount it without problems.
I can eject it without problems.  
If I reinsert it, the system reboots.

What have I missed?  Is there anyone using this combination?
There doesn't seem to be a pccardd running (ps -aU root
doesn't show one).  Should there be?


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