"Artem Koutchine" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi!
> I need sime kind of network file system which has a FreeBSD server and
> Windows clients (particulary Windows XP) and that FreeBSD file share
> must be mounted on Windows XP under a drive letter. Windows client
> is FAR FAR away and is behind nat. Traffic costs a lot, so that file system
> must not waste it for nothing. Of course, security is very important and
> security based on IP address is impossible, because client is behind nat.
> I have checked the following:
> 1) Samba3
> I think i could use it with user security (not share or maybe mixed) but
> i am not sure about making it open to internet and also i think it wastes
> bandwidth. Am i wrong?

Don't use Samba.  It's insecure over the Internet, and it's a bandwidth
hog.  Very nice for 100mb/sec local filesystems, though.

> 4) NFS
> Well, i like it very much because we use for freebsd file shareing since
> year 2000. Hoever, i could not find free NFS client for Windows (but, hell,
> i'll buy it) but what's worse i get figure out how to make authorizartion based on
> user/password and not on /etc/exports. I need something more secure. Also,
> am not sure about bandwidth usage.

It's slightly better than SMB, but still has both problems.  If you run it
over the Internet, you need to do some sort of encrypted tunnel on top.

I highly recommend setting up sshd on FreeBSD and using WinSCP to move
files around.  Secure, designed for slow links (thus bandwidth efficient)
and WinSCP is almost as easy to use as Windows explorer.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies
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