jam man disturbed my sleep to write:
> I've been trying to load up this laptop (with 4.9 if
> it matters) which only has 750megs of storage...I
> thought this should be enough, but I get errors while
> installing: /usr: files system full.I hope I dont have
> install skack (lol)! I have /usr partitioned at 620
> megs (/ at 80)or so, and have chosen to install
> minimal without ports (I have tried this in expert
> mode and standard mode, but still recieve the same
> error). Is there something wrong, or does the most
> minimal installation of FreeBSD need more than 620megs
> in /usr??? Any reply would be appreciated.

A minimal installation usually takes about 120MB.  Are you adding X,
or any additional packages?

Saint Aardvark the Carpeted
Because the plural of Anecdote is Myth.
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