Mike Jeays disturbed my sleep to write:
> I am blown away by the variety of screen-savers that come with GNOME.  I
> have been running it for about 4 months, and there are still new ones
> that I haven't seen before.
> Is there a mechanism running to download new ones automatically, that
> may be adding to my collection without me being aware of it?  I am sure
> there weren't that many when I installed it.

Not as far as I know -- we're running GNOME at work, and the variety is
strictly from the original packager, "Xscreensaver-gnome" (original,
huh?).  You can set preferences (like using a blank screen...some of
the patterns use *insane* amounts of CPU) or just browse the selection
by running "xscreensaver-demo".  The home page can be found at:


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