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> Good Afternoon,
> My name is Martin Laflamme - I am the President of a training company in Ottawa, 
> Canada called Marketbridge Technologies.
> Apx. a year ago, we hired a BSD expert - Dru Lavigne.  Her skills and expertise in 
> BSD and various UNIX platforms has impressed us.  We therefore decided it would be 
> only logical to start offering BSD training.  She also authored BSD Hacks published 
> by O'Reilly.
> Our best marketing tool would be advertising right on freebsd.org.  If possible, we 
> would like to find an agreement with freebsd.org to advertise on your website.  In 
> exchange, we could provide compensation for every student who registers - perhaps 10 
> or 15% of the course fee.
> And, of course, it gets BSD out there a lot more.  Various companies in Ottawa, 
> Canada think about going to Linux for their products lines - we have been approached 
> for BSD courses in order to help these companies decide if they should use BSD or 
> Linux.

In addition to the suggestions made by others, you should repeat this post on
the [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing list.  Folks on that mailing list are
looking for opportunities like this and more likely to have suggestions for
you on how to make this work.  [EMAIL PROTECTED] is primarily a tech
help group, and you're likely to get answers like "see doc x" instead of
offers to work with you.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies
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