> From: freebsder [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
> Hi Everyone ... thanks for your help thus far.  I've
> made some changes below.  [I have Not made all the
> changes that you've kindly suggested but enough that I
> am able to ping back and forth ...  if I have ignored
> your suggestion and you still see a gapping error,
> please feel free to reinterate, I won't hold it again
> you!]
> I think that the 
> natd_flags="redirect_port tcp 80"
> should be:
> natd_flags="redirect_port tcp 80"

natd_flags="redirect_port tcp 80"

>       ifconfig vr0= "media 10baseT/UTP up"
>       ifconfig_ed0="inet  netmask"

ifconfig_vr0="inet media 10baseT/UTP up"

You will then need to change the IP addresses of the two WinXP machines to
use addresses starting with 192.168.1 (excluding .0, .1 and .255), a netmask
of and a gateway of

Thanks to Matthew Seaman for bringing to my attention that ifconfig now
supports CIDR notation.

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