Girish L wrote:


I have a freeBSD 5.2-CURRENT version running on a intel dual processor machine.

I need to turn the LINUX COMPATBILITY ON, but unfortunately the source
code for this version is not on the system.

If I do a sysinstall to obtain the source code, the system fails to
find the matching version and if i set the option to "any" release or
download any other version
(say 5.2.1-RELEASE) and modfiy the Kernel Configuration file GENERIC to add the option COMPAT_LINUX, I get a error on running config(8).

this error points about a version mismatch

Can anyone point me to the source code for 5.2-CURRENT release
or help me add the linux compatibility option and turn the linux
compatibility ON.

Thanks for any help in this regard


I believe RELENG_5_2 has been discontinued, and replaced by RELENG_5_2_1 (if I'm wrong, someone correct me, please). Anyways, try cvsupping using either one, as at least one of them is bound to work.

If this sounds cryptic to you, read


If you are looking for -CURRENT, the tag to use is . (yes, a period).

-Henrik W Lund
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