Sorry for replying to my own post...I just thought maybe someone
might be interested in this thread...Read below on my developments...

Josh Paetzel wrote:

I have a SMP system w/ Nvidia card. Trying to enable SMP while using the FreeBSD Nvidia drivers causes the system to lock up when starting X. If you look in the archives there are other people experiencing the same issue. My workaround is to use an ATI card. :-/

Thanks for the reply...
Well, I will try to re-compile my kernel, enabling SMP and maybe try's "nv" driver...If everything works, I will look in the archives (funny thing, I was looking at the archives about my Sound Card before sending the email, but I forgot to check about SMP and Nvidia Driver)...and maybe I will find some clues on how to use FreeBSD's NVidia Driver and enable SMP as well...if nothing comes out, maybe I will have to use "nv" driver...and wait if someone succeeds in using the FreeBSD NVidia Driver...

Well, like I said above...I tried to enable SMP in my kernel and used
Xorg's "nv" video driver instead of the native FreeBSD NVidia
driver in the ports...everything works fine systems detects 2
logical CPU's (by the way, I need to admit this first, I still could not
comprehend what Hyperthreading is...I only wanted to enable it because I
bought an Intel CPU that supports it...maybe I will devote some more
time on reading Intel's HP on HTT).
I said everything works fine, but I seem to notice that my CPU fan is having a hard time...I am not that worried yet but maybe I will try to search google and the archives on SMP's connection with the CPU fan...
That's it thanks for the help/advice/hints...

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