Hi Mark:

 The Epson Stylus C20UX is fully supported according to LinuxPrinting.org:


Use the gimp print drivre they suggest at that URL.

That means that you can use CUPS and Gimp Print in FreeBSD.

1) Install cups and gimp print (in /usr/ports/print)
2) cd (as root i.e. #) to /usr/local/etc/rc.d and copy the
cups.sh.sample to cups.sh
3) Make sure that cups.sh is executable.
4) do: # ./cups.sh start
5) now that the cups daemon is started do:
# lynx http://localhost:631/admin
(you can also do this from a user account using a regular browser).
In both cases you will have to log into root. The web browser will pop
up a login.
6) You can now add a new printer through your browser. See the
screenshots here for an example:
I know this is for NetBSD but from step 5 to 15 it's the same on FreeBSD.

As for the USB part, that is handled during the web browser configuration.


On Tue, 13 Jul 2004 23:33:12 -0700 (PDT), Mark Jayson Alvarez
> Hi,
>   I have an old model Epson C20UX USB Printer and I
> usually print in my Windows OS(dual boot) using that
> printer. For long, I did not bother to read the
> section in the handbook(setting up printer) because as
> I have said earlier.. I print my MSWord document in
> Windows.. But now that I have deleted my Windows
> partition and I'm only running FreeBSD alone,
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