On Thursday 15 July 2004 11:26, Pete Collins wrote:
> Malcolm,
> I noticed your issue on the bsd-questions list without
> a response.  I struck the same issue with hpux from
> 10.20 through 11.11.  I disabled the X11UseLocalhost
> parameter (X11UseLocalhost=no) in the sshd_config to
> resolve.

Thanks Pete; I'll try this tomorrow at work.

I have, so far, fallen back on the traditional xhost 
authorizaton. It would be nice to get it right - even
though I dislike the HP-UX system and am trying to get
it out of the loop. But for the moment availability of
certain CAD software precludes this.

> Pete
> Extract from sshd_config manpage below:
> X11UseLocalhost
> Specifies whether sshd should bind the X11 forwarding
> server to the loopback address or to the wildcard
> address.  By default, sshd binds the forwarding server
> to the loopback address and sets the hostname part of
> the DISPLAY environment variable to ``localhost''.
> This prevents remote hosts from connecting to the
> proxy display.  However, some older X11 clients may
> not function with this configuration.  X11UseLocalhost
> may be set to ``no'' to specify that the forwarding
> server should be bound to the wildcard address.  The
> argument must be ``yes'' or ``no''.  The default is
> ``yes''.
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