On Wed, 14 Jul 2004, Jay Moore wrote:

> On Tuesday 13 July 2004 10:30 am, Mipam wrote:
> >
> > I am using clamav to check on virusses.
> > This works well. However, when i try to use clamd, it never runs long.
> > Mostly within a minute or a couple, it exists with signal 6.
> > I am using this libmap.conf
> >
>    << snip, snip >>
> >
> > Maybe i should adjust some things to make it work fine?
> > Did anyone else encouter these problems?
> This is a non-answer, but I use clamav (0.73 & 0.74) on 2 OpenBSD (3.4 & 3.5) 
> systems for the past week or so, and I've not had this problem. In fact other 
> than being kind of tedious to install & configure it seems to be working 
> well. OpenBSD has no libmap.conf - I'm just curious as to what makes you 
> think library mappings are at fault?

I wasnt sure it had something to do with the libmaps i used but i 
wondered it might be so. The --debug option didnt reveal any info at all, 
other then i already had. In the example libmap.conf they had a lib 
for apache so i figured this might be important for clam as well.
Maybe the program is linked to some libs during compile time, but at 
running time is uses other libs? I wonder why i seem to be the only one 
who is running into trouble like this. Big difference with OpenBSD is that 
FreeBSD 5 does threading and supports SMP, which is applicable for the 
machine i run clam on. Not that this answer is sensefull, but i wondered 
if i am the only one experiencing trouble with clamd.

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