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 > Fellow BSDers,
 > I'm looking at 2 quad ethernet cards on eBay: Adaptec ANA-6944TX and Znyx
 > ZX346.

 > The Adaptec appears to use a DEC chipset. The Znyx card is supported by
 > de(4) and also supplies its own FreeBSD drivers up to version 4.4.

 > Has anyone had good or bad experiences with either of these cards?

I am using a Znyx348 under FreeBSD 4.10.  The 348 is a dual channel
card, which is simply a de-populated 346, so performance should be

I had problems with it when using the de(4) driver.  Nway support
appears to break with this driver.  I could get it to mostly work by
forcing the media select in ifconfig.  However, even by doing this I
had very high packet loss rates when talking to one of my switches.  I
am not sure if a further workaround would have fixed the problem,
because at that point I switched to the Znyx znb driver.  It works
great with the znb driver --- Nway works and packet loss is 0, even
when thrashing it with spray.  By the way, you can conclude from this
that although Znyx states that its driver is only supported up to 4.4,
it does work with 4.10.  I have used it under both 4.6 and 4.10.

However, I am concerned that I may need to replace the card when I
upgrade to FreeBSD 5.x, unless either the 5.x de(4) driver works
better or Znyx releases a version of its driver for 5.x.  This is
something that you may want to be wary of.  I would also be interested
to hear from anybody using either the ZX346 or ZX348 under 5.x.

I have had no experience with the Adaptec card.

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