Hi FreeBSD folk. 
I am reading this install guide. And it doesn't get me past this one.
For one. I downloaded the AMD64 ISO's. And this loader say's freeBSD/i386. Anyway. 
I boot to the loader and I can't select anything. Then BTX HALTED. That is all she
wrote. If you all have the answer to this one. Please inform me. 
I have an AMD ATHLON XP SYSTEM I am installing this on. I reformatted the hard drive 
the NTFS file system. I will continue to search for documentation on this. My goal is
to get this operating system installed. And have a few nice applications installed. 
but surely familiarize with various aspects. 
I know with this op you need to have a lot more knowledge than with Windows. You need 
know more settings and configurations to different things. Once I dial it all in I will
feel I have climbed mount everest!! Thanks. Jerry in Corning CA.
freeBSD/i386 bootstrap loader   Revision 1.1

1. Boot Free BSD (Default)
2. Boot Free BSD with ACPI disabled
3. Boot Free BSD in Safe Mode
4. Boot Free BSD in single user mode
5. Boot Free BSD with verbose logging
6. Escape to loader prompt
7. Reboot

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