Dinesh Nair wrote:

On Thu, 15 Jul 2004, Ahmad Zulkarnain wrote:

I'm a newbie runnin FreeBSD 5.2.1 on Clevo M22ES laptop. Sorry if my
question has been asked before. I have a built-in SmartLink modem (SiS
chipset) and I grabbed myself the official linux driver from their
website. Can I just compile the driver in FreeBSD? I'll be glad if
someone can point a howto sites fer it.

you can't really do that, ahmad. the linux drivers will probaly be using linux kernel syscalls which are not the same as for the freebsd kernel. what chipset is the smartlink modem using ? if it's the lucent chipset, you can use the ltmdm port at /usr/ports/net/ltmdm.

btw, i'm in malaysia too, so do holler if you need any help.

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Thanks fer the explaination Dinesh, Kris, Ken and Jerry! Sorry I took your time by answerin it. It seems this question of mine has already been asked a few times already. I tried ltmdm but it didn't work. Definitely not a lucent chipset I guess. Anyway, thanks again. I'll google some more of it.

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Dinesh: I know you and I read bout you in OSS etc. Glad to see you here :) . Oh I didn't know you live in Malaysia too. Anyway, thanks again guys.
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