Jerry Schromm disturbed my sleep to write:
> Hi FreeBSD folk. 
> I am reading this install guide. And it doesn't get me past this one.
> For one. I downloaded the AMD64 ISO's. And this loader say's freeBSD/i386. Anyway. 
> I boot to the loader and I can't select anything. Then BTX HALTED. That is all she
> wrote. If you all have the answer to this one. Please inform me. 

I've seen this error on a few systems I've installed FreeBSD on, and
usually managed to get around it by fiddling with DMA options in the BIOS.
Which option I had to change varied between boxes, but look for anything
that mentions DMA (UltraDMA, DMA Mode, whatever) or PIO, and start
methodically tweaking them one at a time.


Saint Aardvark the Carpeted
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