Joshua Lewis disturbed my sleep to write:
> I am able to ping my loopback as well as my static IP address. but I am
> not able to ping any other system on the net, my ISP's DNS server nor the
> ISP's Default Gateway. I am able to ping my system by FQDN and just the
> host name from the FreeBSD box.
> Ping error for the DNS server ping is:
> ping: sendto: No route to host
> Ping to the ISP Default Gateway
> ping: sendto: Host is down

"No route to host" makes me think that it's a routing problem.  Does:

        netstat -rn | grep default

show your ISP's gateway?  If not, try adding it by hand as root:

        route add default [IP address of gateway]

Try it again, and see if you still get "No route to host".  Also, are
you trying to ping these servers by IP address or FQDN?  If by FQDN, try
by IP address and see if the result is any different.

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