Lo all,

I recently upgraded to FreeBSD 5.2 to get support for the ath devices... All
it well (so far), but I'm baffled as to why my PPPoEd aren't operating...

A quick example...

su-2.05b# ifconfig
        ether 00:02:6f:20:98:bb
        media: IEEE 802.11 Wireless Ethernet DS/1Mbps <hostap> (autoselect
        status: associated
        ssid VARYNET-HS01 1:VARYNET-HS01
        channel 6 authmode OPEN powersavemode OFF powersavesleep 100
        wepmode MIXED weptxkey 1
        wepkey 1:40-bit

All is fine, the WLAN is up and working.  When I do assign IP addresses on
the interface, the WiFi Client can talk to the server via the wireless
network.  Thus, the network itself is fine...  Next, I start up PPPoEd:

su-2.05b# /usr/libexec/pppoed -Fd -l pppoe ath0
Sending NGM_LISTHOOKS to ath0:
Got reply from id [1]: Type ether with 1 hooks
  Got [1]:orphans -> [4]:ethernet
Sending PPPOE_LISTEN to .:pppoe-5086, provider
pppoed[5086]: Listening

Also fine....  Lastly, the client fires off a PPPoE session... TCPDump shows
the packets without problems...
tcpdump: listening on ath0
12:31:09.050286 PPPoE PADI [Service-Name] [Host-Uniq UTF8]
12:31:09.122091 PPPoE PADI [Service-Name] [Host-Uniq UTF8]
2 packets received by filter
0 packets dropped by kernel

However, the PPPoE Deamon simply does not pick it up and does nothing.  No
session is initiated, no ppp processes are spawned, nothing... This exact
same configuration over a wired network works perfectly with FBSD4.10... Has
something changed?????


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