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> No, I didn't touch those files. Actually I guess I used the word "tweaking"
> in the wrong way. I only did things like selecting desktop mat, registering
> my root password, setting myself as a user, etc. (install didn't do it in
> the end).

Wait ... did you use the KDE program KUser to deal with users? (It's also in 
the KDE control center under User Account.) I used that once, and it deleted 
the root user. I didn't know this was the cause until I did some searching. 
Turns out some other people have had similar problems, and the recommendation 
is: don't use KUser for user management in FreeBSD. It breaks it. The good 
news is there is an easy fix (just do a search on freebsd+kuser), but the bad 
news is it only fixes the problems it causes but doesn't prevent KUser from 
messing up the user info again. This is probably less helpful to you now that 
you're back up and running, but if you used KUser (or even if not), then 
definitely remember this. This has been an issue for some time, though 
supposedly it's fixed in later KDE versions after 3.1.4. Can't remember off 
the top of my head if I were using a 3.1.4 or earlier KDE version at the time 
(it was a new install without any port upgrades), but I'm not going near it 
again until I have a good look at it, and even then, it's easier for me to 
use FreeBSD's user management.

- jt
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