Christian Schüler wrote:
thanks, I did cvsup the ports collection, then the make command builds
Anjuta 1.2.2_1.

OK, this is more reasonable.

I just did a fresh install of FreeBSD 5.2.1 from FTP a week ago, so I never
dreamt of anything being out of date form this install. Why do I have to
cvsup the ports collection?

The ports collection changes over time.

If you don't update it, you will install software which is out-of-date. Normally, that's OK, but you're the one who wanted to get the lastest version of "anjuta", yes?

With particular relevance to your situation, the committers refrain from making major changes to the ports tree during the last stages of creating a release to ensure stability, which is known as the "ports freeze". So the ports tree is already a little outdated on any release image, even if you use it the day the ISO becomes available.

In other words, your 5.2.1 CD has a ports tree that's probably five months old by now....

Anyway, Anjuta builds, but the libtools problem remains the same :-(
I cannot create a default project.

This, I know nothing about. :-)

libtool struck me as a bad idea from the start, and I haven't seen many signs that it is any less subject to backwards-incompatible changes than the vendor supplied compiler toolchains that libtool was supposed to work around in some better & platform-independent fashion. But I digress, and someone else who uses anjuta could provide better assistance from here, probably....


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