Sebastian Kutsch wrote:
My primary goal is to use filenames with none ASCII-characters like
german umlauts or kyrillic-characters.

You might want to use a Mac and it's HFS+ filesystem instead: that platform handles foreign-language filenames significantly better than I've seen any Unix using UFS do.

I have installed the utf8local port, set the environment variable
"LC_CTYPE=de_DE.UTF-8" in ~/.login for each user (including root) and
use the sysconsolefont "iso15-8x16".
This works fine for german umlauts when using the console only. But I
get problems when using somthing like samba or rox-filer. I think they
use libiconv, because using iconve to encode none-ASCII-characters from
ISO_8859-15 to UTF-8 on the console I get the same glibberish as using
samba (with a samba client like xsmbrows or windows) or konqueror or

Dunno. How does Samba handle the mapping for Windows-style case-insensitive filenames when using foreign language codesets? I suspect there are going to be some pretty wacky issues there. The notion that there are capital letters which don't have a lowercase letter has broken an entire generation of tr scripts, for example. :-)


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