> > > su: Sorry.
> > Are you running it as root?  If so, you are probably mistyping something.
> > If you are not root and trying to su to root, then your id has to be
> > in the wheel group.
> I run it as normal user, and only replies like this
> $ su
> su: Sorry,
> $
> What problem could be? I have freebsd 5.2.1

First, when you respond, make sure you cc the list and don't just
send a message back to an individual.   It lets others follow the
thread and possibly respond and it also gets responses in the archive.

The other thing I mentioned, and I think some else did to is that
you must be in the wheel group.   So, put yourself in the wheel
group and then try it.   If you are unable to do that - eg do not
have sufficient access to do it, then you aren't allowed to use su 

Groups are in /etc/group


> Thanx!

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