it doesn't seam that today is my day :P

ive tried to install 5.2.1 on a machine and i get the
following error 
(sorry i had to type it)

freebsd 5.2.1-release #0
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC
preloaded elf kernel "/boot/kernel/kernel" at
preloaded mfs_root "/boot/mfsroot" at 0xc0e1b0cc.
time coutner "i8254" frequency 1193182 Hz quality 0
CPU: intel pentum III (597.96-Mhz 686-class cpu)
orgin="genineintel" id = 0x681 stepping =1

real memory= 268435456( 256MB)
avail memory = 246931456 (235MB)
Pentium Pro MTRR support enabled
npx0: [FAST]
npx0:<math processor> on motherboard
npx0: INT 16 interface
PCIbios: BIOS version 2.10
Using $PIR table, 9 entries at 0xc00ed150
pcib0: <host to pci bridge> at pcibus 0 on motherboard
pci0: <PCI bus> on pcib0
pci_cfgintr:0:31 INTD BIOS irq 11
pci_cfgintr:0:31 INTD BIOS irq 11
agp0: <Intel 82820 host to AGP bridge> mem
0x44000000-0x47ffffff at device 0,0 on pci0
pcib1: <PCI-PCI bridge> at device 1.0 on pci0
pci1: <PCI bus> on pcib1

fatal trap 12; page fault while in kernel mode
cpuid = 0; apic id =00
fault virtual address = 0x240
fault code = supervisor read, page no present
instruction pointer =0x8:0xc7dc36f
stack pointer = 0x10:0xc10218f2
frame pointer = 0x10:0xc1021932
code segment = base 0x0; limit 0xffffff,type 0x1b
                = DPL 0, pres 1, def32 1, gran 1
processor eflags = interrrupt enabled, resume, IOPL=0
current porcess = 0(swapper)
trap number = 12
panic: 0;
cpuid =0;


can someone help me troubleshoot this? Im not sure how
to go about it, or what this actually mean.
sorry im kinda new.

thanks again

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