Brent Bailey wrote:

My company has been asked to help with the upgrade of several Freebsd
systems that are pretty old. The customer is running a file server samba
also running apache running FBSD 4.2,  he wants to upgrade using cvsup &
the make buildworld procedure to upgrade to 5.x. Im very familier with the
make buildworld procedure however there have been significant changes
between 4.2 & 5.x  so is this something that can be done without many
problems ? Aside from reading throught the /usr/src/UPDATING file are
there things i should look out for being that the 2 versions are so

personally i would recommend going to the lastest stable release 4.10-p2

I welcome this lists thoughts & opions on this matter

thank in advance for any help :-)

Hey Brent,

FreeBSD 5.x has not yet been described as production release ready.
So your customer is best advised to use the 4.x branch, and indeed at the moment that is 4.10 (and the patches afterwards ofcourse).

However i am running FreeBSD 5.x as production server in 2 colocated boxes without any problems. So it does not mean that it's crashing all the time, but there might be bugs that can cause downtime for your customer, and he should be willing to risk that problem if you want to upgrade to 5.x. If he prefers stablitity, and little downtime you do best to upgrade to the latest 4 release with patches.

Since it's a very long while back that i runned 4.x (4.3 ...) i can't remember anymore what the huge differences are, perhaps someone else can describe that to you.


Kind regards,

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