Remko Lodder wrote:

Brent Bailey wrote:

My company has been asked to help with the upgrade of several Freebsd
systems that are pretty old. The customer is running a file server samba
also running apache running FBSD 4.2, he wants to upgrade using cvsup &
the make buildworld procedure to upgrade to 5.x. Im very familier with the
make buildworld procedure however there have been significant changes
between 4.2 & 5.x so is this something that can be done without many
problems ? Aside from reading throught the /usr/src/UPDATING file are
there things i should look out for being that the 2 versions are so

I believe the only reason to upgrade to 5.x would be if you need a feature in 5.x versions which doesnt exist in 4.x versions. Otherwise it is best to use 4.x-stable.
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