Remko Lodder:
>Brent Bailey wrote:
>> Hello,
>> My company has been asked to help with the upgrade of several Freebsd
>> systems that are pretty old. The customer is running a file server samba
>> also running apache running FBSD 4.2,  he wants to upgrade using cvsup &
>> the make buildworld procedure to upgrade to 5.x. Im very familier with the
>> make buildworld procedure however there have been significant changes
>> between 4.2 & 5.x  so is this something that can be done without many
>> problems ? Aside from reading throught the /usr/src/UPDATING file are
>> there things i should look out for being that the 2 versions are so
>> differrent.
>> personally i would recommend going to the lastest stable release 4.10-p2
>> I welcome this lists thoughts & opions on this matter
>> thank in advance for any help :-)
>Hey Brent,
>FreeBSD 5.x has not yet been described as production release ready.
>So your customer is best advised to use the 4.x branch, and indeed at 
>the moment that is 4.10 (and the patches afterwards ofcourse).

Furthermore, the advice is to upgrade to a very recent 4.x first, before
taking the step to 5.x. So youŽll probably want to upgrade to 4.10p2 or
4-STABLE anyway. Maybe your customer would like you to go for an updated
4.x first, and go to 5.x later when it will be STABLE.

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