FreeBSD team,I'm a video editor and computer builder/repair tech in a small town. My 
bussiness partner and I are considering switching to a new AMD 64Bit machine. We've 
been ptting it off due to o/s issues. Win XP will run on a amd64 machine but will not 
full take advantage of the new technology. Microsoft has a free trial beta version of 
its 64 bit o/s but that expires 365 days from innstallation( wich would mean a loss of 
data/programs/archives, quite a headache. Microsoft also has said that initally the 
new o/s will only be available pre installed on multi $1000 machines or to big 
companies.( I can build a 64 bit machine for c$1000 so I dont want to buy something 
that the manufacture jacks up in price by $3000 when I can do it for less) I noticed 
your web site says your o/s is amd64bit compatible and I like that idea. My question 
or questions are : Do you know if the PinnacleSystems software, speciffically Studio 9 
can work on FreeBSD? and two if not is there someting comp
 areable that could be used on FreeBSD? Also is there anywhere where I can see screen 
shots of FreeBSD and does it support most common devices as windows and many linux gu 
do?(i.e.: 1394/firewire, usb, sound, vidoe,dvd-r drives etc etc) as this is a must to 
continue video editing.sorry this has been kind of lengthy but as you can tell I am 
intreted in possibly switching to FreeBsd, I will not go to linux as I've tried that 
and not liked it, I also dont get on with apple, so that leaves you or microsoft or 
writing my own os(wich I dont think i can do lol )With regardsJason Marinsmall Town 

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