Hi Chuck,

Thanks for the suggestions.

First off - there was actually a typo in the line:
I changed it to:

However, it made no difference to the WinXP box
ability to connect.

Next I tried commenting out that line altogether but
it still did not work(!)  It would not go online.

I then checked out rc.firewall asper you suggestion
and looked under OPEN ... This is what I found:::

# If you just configured ipfw in the kernel as a tool
to solve network
# problems or you just want to disallow some
particular kinds of traffic
# then you will want to change the default policy to
open.  You can also
# do this as your only action by setting the
firewall_type to ``open''.
#${fwcmd} add 65000 pass all from any to any

# Prototype setups.
case ${firewall_type} in
        ${fwcmd} add 65000 pass all from any to any


Do you see a problem in this set-up?

I am considering setting it up in SIMPLE mode but I
want to be able to run the machine in OPEN mode before
I get too fancy with security and firewalls ... you

Thanks again for you help ... please advise.

freebsder wrote:
> This is what I get:
> # ipfw -a list
> 00100 49820 12066079 allow ip from any to any
> 00100     0        0 allow tcp from any to any
> 65535     2       96 deny ip from any to any
> The Second and Third lines don't seem right..  What
> I need to do correct the problem here.

The line here:

 >>      firewall_script="/etc/rc/firewall"

...tells IPFW to use a config file that doesn't
contain enough useful 

Comment out that line, and examine /etc/rc.firewall
instead, and 
reboot.  Then 
take a look at the rules being loaded by the OPEN
firewall type, which 
include a divert rule...


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