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 Computer: SpaceWalker-Pentium III.800mHz, 256MB, 20GB
 hd running FreeBSD 4.8 as the only operating system.
 Goal: Non graphical work stattion - possible Samba

After an minimal installation the system "freezes"
shortly after passing the boot manager and the monitor
shows several long, white vertical stripes that
resemble bar codes. The system is unresponsive and has
to be forced to cold boot.

Does this also happen when you boot to single user mode?

If it does, then I'm not sure what's wrong - sounds like some hardware incompatibility. Maybe someone can tell after seeing the dmesg.

If it doesn't then I'm curious exactly what kind of install did you do? What distributions did you choose to install? It may be worth to install only the bare minimum at first and later add everything else via ports/packages - that's what I usually do.
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I tried installing the MINIMAL installation with 4.9 and 4.8. The thing dies so quickly- shortly
afterh the boot manager completes - I don't get a boot option as with my other FreeBSD
computers. My only hope in figuring this our via dmesg is through a trial installation I did with
SuSe Linux...which works fine.


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