I know that this question is OffTopic. Still i want to ask it to you guys since the host system is FreeBSD.

I have implemented Postfix/SASL2/MySQL/Courier-Imap/Amavisd-new on my FreeBSD mailserver.

Now i am migrating my mailserver to another host {still my own host} and i take the maildomain of a friend along. So that means my current setup will be expanded by his domain.

Currently i am using virtual delivery (transport elvandar.org virtual:) so it gets dropped in the mailpath i designated in the MySQL backend.
Besides that i have mailman running on my machine, providing mailarchives {no subscriptions etc} for $internet (local delivery).

So far so good..

Now the new maildomain used procmail as delivery agent and he wants to use that again (filters and so on). With the current virtual setup that is not possible i think, so i think i need to create a master.cf line using procmail delivery..

Since i make use of the maildir format , procmail should be doing that, and get his information from the MySQL db which tells it where to put the email for that domain { i dont want that email to get in local homedirs etc. }, and it should run as the postfix user since that is the only one permitted to read from the maildir's specified in the named MySQL db.

Does anyone know if that is possible?

Oh Procmail is used since it has some filters for the guy so his mail gets sorted into some folders...

Kind regards,

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