> Jerry McAllister wrote:
> > Is that a new one on the market? I haven't seen that one before.
> No its not new, just not popular.
> > Partition Magic has been the only one readily available off the shelf 
> > in this area.  Others have to be mail-ordered.  It handled NTFS fine 
> > for me, though that was for Win2k.  If it is NTFS and
> > it is from the boot floppies, I don't see why being win2k3 would
> > matter, but I avoid Microsloth stuff as much as possible so don't
> > know any of the details there.
> >  
> >
> The acronis one installs in windows and lets you configure how you want 
> you want to resize,
> etc  in windows, then reboots to do its job. I initially tried  
> partition magic, but i couldn't get it to install; on 2k3.
> However I never tried boot floppies.

OK.  I was never able to get Partition Magic to do anything that required 
actually mucking with the slice sizes with an installed one - when that 
meant resizing the actuall slice I was booted on.   I had to make
the boot floppies and that worked just fine - with somewhat less pretty
graphics (but who cares).


> -Aaron Myles Landwehr
> (Oops originally forgot to send back questions@)
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