I am trying to get OO 1.1.2 running on 4.10
I have KDE installed.

I have managed to install the software, but
now I cannot run it.

When I installed, I could not execute the installation instructions
from a command line as requested, but there were 
no permission problems as suggested.

Eventually I tried double clicking "setup" from KDE.

This appeared to work well. OO installed, and I could
see new OO entries in the KDE menus.

However, when I try to start Calc or Writer from KDE,
I get no response. The disk is not active, there is no
window or error message - nothing seems to happen.
KDE appears to remain fully functional - I can still
browse, look at files etc etc.

I dont knwo what is wrong here.

I was thinking of uninstalling OO and trying again, but
I dont have the slightest idea how to uninstall it.

(I am very very new to this OS)

All help much appreciated

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