I have a number of machines onto which I want to install a custom-built
world, kernel and set of packages, all of which have been built on another
machine.  The target machines presently have no OS on them and can only be
booted by CD.  

Installing a minimal FreeBSD and then mounting /usr/src and /usr/obj via NFS
isn't attractive because of the extra work and uncertainty involved with
removing and changing files left over from the initial install.  I tried
using discs 1 and 2 from a FreeBSDMall CD set to run install{world,kernel}
directly, but they don't seem to have the necessary bits.  The ports system
has the "package" make target.  I couldn't, however, find a make target to
turn a built world and kernel into the distribution chunks sysinstall can
use to do a binary install.

The solutions I've come up with so far are:

- Create a custom CD that contains the necessary bits to partition, label,
newfs, and run installworld/installkernel.
- Do my own release engineering.
- Some third option I haven't thought of yet.

What do I need to us to accomplish the above?

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