BTW, it by unix type, not linux type. Linux = a specifc kernel. Unix =
a large family of similar OSes, which includes unix.  ;)

On Mon, 19 Jul 2004 07:41:20 -0400
[EMAIL PROTECTED] (David Wigle) wrote:

> This is my system file information:  I'd like to 
> run LinspireOS   and star Office. I currently have stare office 7.1
> for Windows.
> The Hard drive is set as NFTS.  

You won't find good r/w support in any thing besides WindowsNT.
> May I have a dual boot or may I just dump Windows.  I
> use PPOE w/DSL and have some special forms programs  ".exe, for
> filling out forms.
> Will I be able to use these programs? 

Networking is no problem. I suggest totally forgeting about those
programs and finding replacements. Dosbox, wine, or doscmd if you must
have them.

> I have to decide between BSD, Sun OS and Linsprie or SUSie.
> I use an Imac also and prefer it. However I must be able to run some
> windows programs, like word. 
> Does or is WINE type programs needed for windows apps?

Depends. I will say, when your lucky.

> I use a Devorak keyboard, arethere drivers available.

Yeah, a keyboard is a keyboard regardless of what the keys on it say.
You just have to select a devorak layout when configuring it.
> I aps have a Bently CAD program,  I use for Windows"  Will 
> this work in a linux type environment.

Only if they have a linux port. I would suggest keeping your life
simple instead of trying to shoe horn it in using wine or a modified
wine that comes with some linux distros. Go dual boot or make one
system for your unix of choice and another for windows. 

> I want compatability seamlisly, but also want off of WIndows.

Depends... as far as networking and the like that is entirely
possible. If you are counting on running unix apps on windows and vice
versa, you won't be able to well or effectively.

Any ways, have fun :)
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