Dear All,

First off, apologies for this off-topic post, but I think this is the
only place I'm likely to get an intelligent (and well-informed) answer
to my question. I tried searching the web, but found a confusing and
contradictory bunch of poorly-informed opinions, which wasn't helpful.

I'm writing a news article about Apple's contribution to open source. In
particular, I'm interested in finding out the following:

1) How much of FreeBSD did Apple actually use in OSX? If I'm not
mistaken, the Darwin kernel is not related to FreeBSD in any way (or is
that wrong?). Basically, what exactly did Apple gain from FreeBSD?

2) What exactly has Apple contributed back to FreeBSD? (money?
equipment? source code?). Nowadays, does Apple still continue to give
anything back to the FreeBSD community?

3) How much of OSX today is open source (or "shared source")? Can you
actually see the OSX source code? Can you use any of it?

Because this is off-topic, it might be better if people responded
directly to my email address rather than this forum. I can be reached at
[EMAIL PROTECTED] I know that I could ask these questions on an OSX
forum, but then I'd probably receive 1000 replies from people telling me
that OSX is the greatest thing since sliced bread - which, even if true,
has nothing to do with the article I'm writing. And yes, I'm running
FreeBSD (and Linux) at home, not OSX, but that also has nothing to do
with the article.

I appreciate any help I can get on this, and as always I'm happy to
acknowledge anyone by name in the article for their assistance.

thanks in advance and best regards,

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