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where can i find info about possible options in make.conf for ports

Look at the ports(7) man page and the default make.conf (which is
/etc/defaults/make.conf under 4.x, and
/usr/share/examples/etc/make.conf in 5.x, or you can look at it in CVS
via )

Otherwise, port specific make flags can be found generally by
inspecting the Makefiles for each port, or the Makefiles under
/usr/ports/Mk.  Each of the Makefiles in /usr/ports/Mk has a long
pre-amble documenting the various settings available. The convention
is that variables starting 'WITH_' 'WITHOUT_' or 'WANT_' are
user-settable; variables starting 'USE_' are for the port maintainer
to deal with.  Any section marked 'OPTIONS' causes the port to
generate a popup menu allowing you to set the various flags listed
either as 'WITH_FOO' or 'WITHOUT_FOO' -- those values are retained
under /var/db/ports so you won't get the menu popup the second or
subsequent times you make that port unless you specifically run 'make

Note too that there are a number of ports that have variable settings
which pre-date this convention: in those cases, you'll have to figure
out from context what is user-settable and what isn't.

Also note: most people find that using portupgrade(1) and friends to
manage their ports gives best results.  In which case, you can enter
those make variables into the MAKE_ARGS array in
/usr/local/etc/pkgtools.conf -- one big advantage of doing that is it
allows you to apply the make argument to building a specific port.  I
don't think there are any such conflicts, but there's no guarrantee
that two ports won't use the same make variable with conflicting



Just to add to what Matthew said, there is also a manual page for make.conf:

$ man make.conf

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