On Tuesday 20 July 2004 07:59 pm, Eric Brunner-Williams in Portland Maine 
> Donald,
> I missed the 9 in the body of the post. And rrset_order isn't something
> I've ever used, so please provide an answer.
> Eric
> _______________________________________________

You have caught me with my facetious and sarcastic hat firmly place on my 
head, for all to see plainly. I'm going to have to demote you down the 
ladder. The only thing I'm willing to admit to: it's very hot and humid here 
in southern Wisconsin and that sometimes makes me a bit playful at someone's 
expense, if I see the opportunity, sometimes I will take that opportunity and 
run with it a bit, just to see what happens. If I can't take it, I shouldn't 
dish it out. Your response to me was very civil, probably more so than mine 
to you warranted.

I can't provide an answer to Brent's question either. Besides which, I don't 
want to work with Bind, I would rather work with djbdns and to do that I'd 
have to invest in a couple more computers.

Please feel free to e-mail me privately. It's ok for people to think I'm very 
smart, but I kind of like to keep the total idiot part hidden from public 

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