On Monday 19 July 2004 10:19 am, Mipam wrote:

> > Do you have a file /etc/clamav.conf ?
> >
> > There is a line in the default clamav.conf: # Example
> > This line must be "un-commented" (remove the #).
> You mean this part:
> # Comment or remove the line below.
> #Example
> This is commented as you can see, so you suggest to uncomment this line?
> What is the function of this Example in the clamav.conf?

Ach - no... sorry - I made a mistake - the line _should_ be commented just as 
you've shown it. Uncommenting it prevents clamd from parsing the file.

Do you have a /var/clamav directory that the _clamav user can write its pid & 
sock files to? What user is listed as owner of the /var/vlamav directory? Did 
you read the INSTALL file?

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