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> hi
> i am sorry if this is a stupid question i ask but i am willing to see
> if someone helps me to understand the freebsd update process, i just
> came from redhat so forgive me
> i did couple of readings on line and used handbook, even bought a
> freebsd unleashed book, but i still have not got this
> i have to install cvsup-without-GUI and then synchronize the sources.
> then sync the port collection and then build work to keep it updated/
> but build work takes a while and i don't think this is a good idea to
> do everyday. is there any way so i can just get the required packages
> built or even download a pre-made package from ftp? also what happens
> let's say i install gimp 2.x and next week 2.y comes up, is there any
> way so it automatically checks everyday to see if there is a new
> version and download and install from packages?
> help is appreciated

FreeBSD has a cleaner separation between core "system" applications and 
"non-system", extra applications that can be installed from the ports.  
When you cvsup, you download changes to the source code of the system.  
You can also, depending upon your chosen configuration, download 
changes to the ports and documentation.

When you download the source code, it doesn't mean that you are 
compiling it.  You can compile it later at a time of your choosing.  
Also, since you're only downloading changes since your last cvsup, 
nightly or weekly cvsups will take less time.

The ports system includes directions for your system to download and 
compile source code for applications.  When you cvsup the ports, you 
are only downloading changes to the ports system.  No port applications 
are installed or upgraded as a result of the cvsup process.

You may wish to investigate portupgrade 
(at /usr/ports/sysutils/portupgrade/), a port that helps you upgrade 
installed ports and keep your installed applications in sync.

You can download and install precompiled, binary packages directly from 
the ftp site using pkg_add with the -r option (see man pkg_add).

Best of luck,

Andrew Gould
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