Hello Everyone,

I've got quite a collection of Ogg Vorbis (.ogg) files on my FreeBSD machine
that I would like to be able to stream for personal use (really I'd like to
be able to listen to them at work! :)) I've done quite a bit of research and
can't find any software to do exactly what I need.

IceCast and Shoutcast look like they'll both work just fine for the server,
no problems there. However, as for the source client, that's another story.
This machine was built as a mini-server, I use it for IRC/DNS/WWW and so
forth, therefore, has no X server and no soundcard (for the record it has a
soundcard built onto the motherboard AC97, but FreeBSD 4.10 sees it as
chip0, so I don't think it's useable), and all of the source clients I have
found either require a soundcard or the X system to be installed.

Is there any help for me? I remember the days of Windows streaming with
Shoutcast, in that case, Winamp connected with a socket to shoutcast and
completely bypassed the soundcard... Anything like that for FreeBSD?

Thanks All

Justin W. Pauler
Network Administrator
AirRover Wi-Fi Corporation
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Toll Free: (888) 720-7301 x87
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