On Wednesday 21 July 2004 07:07 am, Wojciech Puchar 
> > > and start browsing. :)
> >
> > I just installed the newest XFce today, and wow, it's nice. Very fast. I
> > don't
> compared to KDE - for sure fast.

I know that. Obviously something like XFce is going to be faster than KDE. 
What I meant, as I explained later, is that it's even faster on my box than 

> > If I were a better
> > programmer I'd backwards engineer it without all the hooks into KDE stuff,
> nice idea. hopefully text-mode pine is fine for me, quick and can be
> configured to run right programs to view attachment (like xv to view .jpg,
> gif etc.)

I've used Pine a great deal in the past. Right now I receive far too much 
email, which I need to be able to access quickly in ways that Pine can't do 
as well for me. I need a complex folder tree and HTML view (though HTML is 
often not necessary in email, but I can't educate everyone else why), quick 
access to many accounts and mail protocols within the same client, and many 
other tools, or at least it makes email much more efficient for me to have it 
all in one place. I've tried duplicating what I need in Pine and other text 
clients with other tools, but it never works as efficiently as a GUI client 
with the right tools built in. One day I'll write my own, though, without as 
much overhead as KMail or just clean that one up.

- jt
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