On Wednesday 21 July 2004 09:47 am, you wrote:
> OK, I appreciate your time. let's say if i sync my source code once a
> week, but do i have to the build world once a week too? or it is only
> where there is a big process. what about there is only one new patch?
> also is there any package or command that i can run to see if there
> are new version of my installed packages on ftp site, as i said like
> 2.x and then 2.y, in red hat there is a new tool adopted from debian,
> you run apt-get update, it does scan ftp repositories, then you run
> apt-get dist-upgrade and it shows you that there are a,b,c new
> packages and asks you if you want to upate to new one and if you say
> yes, it does download and install auto, this is what i actually was
> asking
> thank you as i ask too much

I cvsup changes on a weekly or monthly basis; or when I hear of a 
security patch that affects my system.  I do not recompile the system 
or any applications unless I have a reason to do so.  Sometimes, I can 
go months without recompiling or upgrading anything.

The fact that a newer version of an application is released, doesn't 
mean that the older version is obsolete or unsecure.  If the changes do 
not affect how YOU use your computer, you can spend lots of time 
upgrading for NO benefit!  You also assume risks associated with 
upgrades for no benefit!  As the saying goes:  "If it isn't broken, 
don't fix it."

After you cvsup the ports system, you can use portupgrade to:

1. Run a report showing which installed applications have newer 
2. Upgrade an application, all of its dependencies, and all of the ports 
that depend upon it.  Therefore, if application X depends on 
application Y, which, in turn, depends on application Z; 'portupgrade 
-rR Y' will upgrade applications X, Y and Z.  'portupgrade -arR' will 
upgrade all installed ports to newer versions, where applicable.

For more information on ports and portupgrade (and FreeBSD in general), 
see related articles at:


After you've installed portupgrade, see:

        man portupgrade

Best of luck,

Andrew Gould
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