[Kent Stewart, 2004-07-21]
>  Sometimes mirrors break. The only way to find out is to try a different
>  one. The port fastest_cvsup is a good starting point. Just remember
>  that the closest may not produce the overall fastest cvsup.

Not that I've tested this in any scientific manner, but I think the
closest one is also the fastest in my case, as it is on the same
/16-network that I'm on. In fact it's only about a km away, and it's 2Gbps
all the way from my dorm room to the mirror, so I think my 10/100 nic is
the limiting factor here.

It could be out of sync or something, though. Whatever it was, it seems to
be in order now (it may still be somewhat behind the master cvs-server,
but the fixed index has at least found its way to the mirror now. And
from there to my box.)

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